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Tune Up Utilities 2011 - Full Version - Keygen - Crack

Wah, baru saja saya  mengecek apakah sudah dirilis atau belumkah Software utilities yang populer ini. Yang saya maksud adalah "Tune Up Utilities 2011" yap.. Untuk versi sebelumnya silahkan baca disini yakni Tune Up Utilities 2010 Full. Tune Up merupakan salah satu perusahaan yang memprioritaskan dirinya untuk membuat software utilities yang mana bisa SANGAT membantu komputer kita apabila dalam keadaan yang tidak diinginkan.
Nah, Yang saya bagikan ini adalah "Tune Up Utilities 2011 - Full Version - Keygen - Crack" jadi FULL VERSION! Sehingga jelas sekali yang saya berikan ini melanggar hak cipta dari perusahaan pembuatnya.

Oke, kita alihkan saja topik pembajakan diatas.. Apa sih yang diimprove dari Tune Up versi 2011 ini?
Berikut yang saya ambil dari situs resminya

TuneUp Utilities™ – Version 2011 – all new!

TuneUp Utilities™ – Version 2011, gets your PC, notebook, or netbook in top shape—saving you costly and painful upgrades! The innovation of this year’s version: TuneUp Program Deactivator, a unique tool that drastically reduces the load on your PC, giving you a true performance boost!

NEW! TuneUp Program Deactivator with TuneUp Programs-on-Demand Technology™
Windows® runs as fresh as it did on the very first day!

For the first time ever, you can turn off programs completely and drastically reduce the load on your PC: The services, startup entries, background processes, or scheduled tasks in a program that are turned off will remain inactive until you need them again. This way you avoid the loss in performance that is always a danger after many programs are installed. One recommendation for a speedy Windows®: Uninstall programs you no longer want to use just as you did before, and use TuneUp Program Deactivator to turn off that software you use only rarely, until you need it again.

NEW! Tuning status
Know instantly how well you’ve optimized your PC.
Tuning status shows how many optimizations have already been performed with TuneUp Utilities™, and what potential for optimization still remains. You will never forget or overlook a single tuning measure again!

CLEARER! TuneUp Start Center
TuneUp Utilities™ is easier to use than ever.
Thanks to the fresh look of the Start Center, users will find all optimization features in seconds: Features stand out more clearly as they are now divided into five categories for maximum readability and immediate access. TuneUp Utilities™ tuning highlights appear immediately under the categories of “Status & recommendations”, “Optimize system”, “Gain disk space”, “Fix problems”, and “Customize Windows®”. Smart: The ever more powerful “Turbo Mode” can now be launched from any category at the click of a mouse, and Tuning status is always visible.

NEW! Rating function for programs
The experiences of countless TuneUp Utilities™ users help you make the best tuning decisions.
Windows® performs best and is most effective when you turn off programs, deactivate startup entries and/or uninstall third‐party software that you don't need on a daily basis. But it’s often unclear what lies behind a cryptic program entry. The new rating functions supports you here to make better decisions on each program.

MORE POWERFUL! TuneUp Turbo Mode
Turbo Mode, 10 times more powerful than before, brings your PC to maximum speed for your work and games.
With a single mouse‐click, shut down over 70 background processes that slow down Windows® 7, Windows® XP, and Windows® Vista—as compared to only 7 before! By pressing a button, you get an immediate boost of power when working at your PC, a smoother gameplay, and complete control over background activities that slow down your computer.

NEW! “Overview of all functions” pane
All power features in one window.
Made for true Windows® experts: The new “Overview of all functions” view on the Start Center gives you instant access to all TuneUp Utilities™ features and settings—32 in total! So your favorite feature is always right at hand when you need it.

Untuk mendownloadnya, silahkan saja lihat dan download Softwarenya dibawah ini
Dan untuk Crack - Keygennya silahkan download disini
Oke, untuk reviewnya, silahkan lihat di bawah ini

Tampilan "License"

Tampilan "Overview Of All Function"

 Tampilan pada "Task bar"

Silahkan mendownload dan silahkan mencoba!
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Dimas Abi Galoga | 11 November, 2010 21:17 | [Reply]

kalah update gw gan haha

Kukuh Cakra Darma | 11 November, 2010 21:30 | [Reply]

@Dimas Abi Galoga wakkak

kisah abu nawas | 11 November, 2010 21:48 | [Reply]

fungsinya untuk apa sob ini?

Kukuh Cakra Darma | 11 November, 2010 22:02 | [Reply]

@kisah abu nawas"giving you a true performance boost!" memberikan optimasi pada komputer agar performa maksimal gan

Anime Lovers | 11 November, 2010 22:08 | [Reply]

mantab, ijin sedot gan
kalau ada yg bagus lagi kasi tau yaa

Kukuh Cakra Darma | 11 November, 2010 22:16 | [Reply]

@Anime Loversyoi gan.. terus kunjungin nih blog, wakaka

Yan D. Sasongko | 11 November, 2010 22:28 | [Reply]

ini yg saya cari, sedot bossss :)

assyafieq | 12 November, 2010 00:50 | [Reply]

kira kira ada gak yg pakai versi serial number, kalo keygen dianggap virus oleh avira..

kisah abu nawas | 12 November, 2010 08:43 | [Reply]

download sob

Hitech | 12 November, 2010 10:21 | [Reply]

Software yang sangat berguna untuk bikin PC selalu fit...nice share!

Anonymous | 12 November, 2010 16:58 | [Reply]

Nice info..

Kukuh Cakra Darma | 12 November, 2010 17:52 | [Reply]

@assyafieq: punya ane Avira Free ngga di detect sbgai virus kok, ada juga keynya kok.. silahkan didownload
@kisah abu nawas: silahkan..
@hitech: yoi gan.. thanks
@wildancahyo: makasih gan!

Muhammad Chandra | 12 November, 2010 22:03 | [Reply]

wah hebat , tahun 2011 aja belom tapi udah ada yg versi 2011 :D

izin donlot gaan

Kukuh Cakra Darma | 13 November, 2010 18:09 | [Reply]

@Muhammad Chandra silahkan gan !

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