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Science | How Flowering Plant Dominate The Earth

For Charles Darwin, this is a terrible mystery, this problem has also continued to disrupt the experts evolution until today: when will the flowering plants evolved and how they can dominate plant life on earth?

The new study in Ecology Letters, reveals the evolution that led to the commencement of primitive flowering plants gain a competitive advantage compared to other species, so that they can dominate in large numbers.

The study, led by Dr. Tim Brodribb (University of Tasmania) dan Dr. Tim Brodribb (University of Tasmania) and Dr. Taylor Field (University of Tennessee) is using plant physiology to know how to plant flowers, including food crops capable of dominating the world by developing a more efficient hydraulic system, or 'leaves the pipeline', to improve the ability of photosynthesis.

"Plants and flowers are the largest species group of plants on earth ecologically successful," said Brodribb.
"One reason for this dominance is due to leaf photosynthetic capacity is high enough, but when and how the commencement of this photosynthetic capacity building developed into a mystery."

Using density measurements, and leaf veins associated with photosynthesis model - hydraulic, Brodribb and Field reconstruct the evolution of leaf hydraulic capacity at the plant seed. The results obtained are the transformation of angiosperm evolution pumps push leaf photosynthetic capacity to a new level.

The reason for the success of this evolutionary step is under conditions of atmospheric CO2 is quite low, like now, the efficiency of water transport and of photosynthesis were closely related. Therefore, adaptations that increase the transport of water will increase the maximum photosynthesis, using the power of evolution in an extraordinary way to win the competition of species.

Evolution of leaf vein density on the plant flowers around 140-100 million years ago is a process that is essential for the continued evolution of flower plants. This step provides a 'stimulus package productivity Cretaceous era' that continues to reverberate throughout the biosphere and allow these plants play a fundamental role in biological function and atmospheric on earth.

"Without the hydraulic system we estimate leaf photosynthesis will be two times lower than now," concluded Brodribb. "So important to remember that without this evolutionary step plant will not have the physical capacity to produce high productivity that supports the modern world of biology and human civilization." (Science Daily / rob)

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